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Traffic management platform

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Powerful Management Platform

· Supporting multiple users and user authorization management;

· Supporting multiple terminal query (e.g. PC, smart phone);

· User-defined report page showing key data clearly;

· Complete statistics and printing functions, real-time data query, exporting traffic data to PDF, EXCEL and other formats easily, comparison on a daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis;

· Sending notice of accident (failure/event) by SMS, email or other means, and available for designating notification policy (regular/real-time)


·  Supporting analysis of multi-dimensional data, including time (e.g. day, week, month, year, period of time, comparison over the same period, sequential comparison), space (e.g. national, regional, store), synthetic data (e.g. holiday, weather, activity, peripheral event);

· In-depth data analysis and mining, and diversified analysis indices (e.g. access traffic, stay headcount, average stay time, attractiveness, density of traffic, conversion ratio, average sales per customer).

Readily Accessible Mobile Phone Client