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People Counting Server

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    People counting and analysis server is high performance 1U rack-mounted server which is available for access of 16-way video sources for traffic statistics and analysis. It is equipped with hardware watchdog and automatic surveillance mechanism, starts up automatically after power failure or crash, saves historical data and generates failure log automatically. The server is generally in a centralized manner, is suitable for multistage networked architecture of video surveillance system, supports analog or digital video input, and integrates seamlessly with mainstream video surveillance platforms.
· High adaptability: with algorithm adapting to dramatic variation ofillumination (e.g. varied carpet color, sunlight, lamplight), complex interferencefrom object (e.g. sliding door, cart), and thick crowd; 
· Bi-directional people counting:  distinguishing entering trafficfrom  exiting traffic; 
·  Video stitching: unique entrance filtration and video stitchingfeature enabling high accuracy and adaptability;
· Trajectory display: real-time video, circle around head, and trackingtrajectory displayed at terminal for checking access headcount, also availablefor generating short video for accuracy verification.
-   Versatility, Customization-supportive
· Queuinglength:  counting queuing length of the zone, forecasting queuingtime for evaluating efficiency of cashier desk and improving passage efficiencythrough queue adjustment;
· Zone headcount: counting customers of the zone for reflecting density oftraffic and evaluating rationality of cold/hot zone and commodity display;
· Entering rate: counting entering rate for evaluating attractiveness ofbrand, ad, and signage to customers;
· Custom functions:  providing customer functions based on customer’sapplication requirement;

Analog Camera; Matrix; Streaming Media Server; Digital Camera; People Counting and Analysis Server; Integrated Monitoring Platform; Network Client; Analog Video; Digital Video; System Information; Data Information


Technical Parameters


Technical Index


Basic Parameters


Xeon E3-1230


1U standard high performance rack-mounted


SQL Server

Type of Memory

DDR3 1333 ECC


Kingston ECC 4G

Hard Disk

ST 500G

Power Supply


AC 220V±10%


AC 220V±10%

Dimension and Weight

Outline Dimension




Ambient Condition

Working Temperature




Integrating image capture, analysis and transmission;  

• Aluminum alloy casing providing better cooling performance;

Supporting POE power supply, and using one cable for both power supply and datatransmission; 

• Fully closed design for ingress protection;

Compatible with ultra wide angle lens, up to 6m-wide single-point coverage;      

• Supporting H.264 real-time video transmission;

Covert design, screw-free installation;    

• Front-end embedded acquisition boxstoring traffic data for 2 years.


-   High Accuracy and Adaptability

· Highaccuracy: model-based computer vision, counting every person accurately andproviding 97.5% or higher accuracy;

· Analysis of multi-dimensionaldata, including time (e.g. date, week, month, year, period of time, comparisonover the same period, sequential comparison), space (e.g. national, regional,outlet), and synthetic data (e.g. holiday, weather, activity, peripheralevent);

· In-depthdata analysis and mining and diversified data analysis indices (e.g. entering andexiting traffic, stay headcount, average stay time, attractiveness, density of traffic,conversion ratio, average sales per customer).

Proved to be compliant with requirements by test performed by prestigious national authority

Camera special for people counting camera