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People Counting system

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Vion people counting systemaccurately counts, among others, number of people entering/exiting accesses ofpassages, local traffic, entering rate, and queuing length, based entirely on videosurveillance. With powerful management platform the system provides users withoptions from dozens of traffic reports and integrates with third party softwarelike ERP, POS or CRM to analyze and generate more information including sales percustomer and conversion ratio.

Core Technology
The model-based computer vision system detectspedestrians by image features, and determines direction of motion and improvesaccuracy through trajectory tracking. The steps are shown in the following figures.

The system is available for vertical and inclined installations which provide thesame level of accuracy.

- High accuracy: the system provides 95% or higher accuracy undervarious scenes, including, without limitation, areas of dense traffic, carpetand floor of varied colors, areas with ground reflection, areas with slidingdoor or door curtain, and high altitude installation by avoiding interferencefrom shadow and eliminating influence of hair color, hat, cart and schoolbag.
- Versatility: in addition to traffic, the system also provides peoplecounting, queuing length, entering rate and other counting capabilities ofnon-closed areas.
- High integration level: the system is based on an integratedintelligent machine we developed independently to enable people counting. It iscompact and aesthetic, with less than 5w power. The analyzer may work withordinary cameras.
- Popular and proven product: thesystem has been proven to be stable through extensive use at10,000 traffic counting points created in shopping malls, tourist attractionsand chain stores for a long period of time.
- Data security: the system saves and stores traffic data for a yearand uploads data automatically when the network restores normaloperation after a failure; the management platform configurespermission flexibly; the server makes backup regularly and uses hot standbymechanism to prevent loss of data caused by failure.
- Comprehensivedata analysis: the traffic analysis and management platform supports analysisof multi-dimensional data, including time (e.g. date,week, month, year, period of time, comparison over the same period, sequentialcomparison), space (e.g. national, regional, outlet), and synthetic data (, weather, activity, peripheral event), provides diversified indices ofdata analysis (e.g. entering and exiting traffic counts, stay headcount,average stay time, attractiveness, density of traffic, conversion ratio, averagesales per customer), and generates custom reports and pagesaccording to user needs.

The system can be used either at a single outlet or across the group to collectdata of all plazas or outlets under the group for comprehensive data analysis. Systemstructure of system in group mode is shown in the following figure.


Renderingof Various Environments