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Traffic + Smart Chain Store Solution
The Traffic + Smart Chain Store Solution provided by VionTech is composed of people counting camera which provides accurate traffic data of chain stores, security and protection system which designates time to detect wandering and entering action, and remote inspection system which allows check of real-time video via Internet. These systems provide operation condition and current status of stores and night burglary protection.
■ Traffic Analysis
One or two cameras may be provided above mall entrance to count passerby and visitors respectively for:
- assessing result of promotions or change of marketing strategy based on change of visitors;
- passerby can be split into passerby, interested people and visitor;
- obtaining conversion ratio and average sales per customer in conjunction with POS;
- analyzing changing trend of traffic, rule, consequential comparison and other information for different periods of time of astore;.
- 97.5 or higher accuracy;
■ Non-closed Area People Counting
The intelligent system may be deployed above new item or promotion area in the store to count traffic of designated zones for:
- counting local traffic, and identifying attention to exhibits based on stay time;
- breaking down attention to zones of a store by traffic.
■ Night Wandering and Intruding Detection
A camera may be provided at store entrance to detect wandering and restricted area at designated time for:
- capturing and sending pictures to the platform and triggering interlocked device for alarm when detecting people wandering or entering the store at night;
- remotely clearing false alarm triggered by clerk or other cause.
■ Remote Inspection
The intelligent system accesses real-time image via Internet and cameras may be provided at appropriate locations for regular checking.
- The head office may inspect stores on the day easily and set time for capturing images.
- Camera is equipped with pickup to provide a real sense of inspection by synchronous audio and video transmission.
■ Centralized Management
VionTech traffic management platform allows centralized management of chain stores by level and permission.
- traffic data of chain stores gathers at HQ-based server to provide change of traffic clearly;
- business distribution plan, marketing strategy, service improvement, and operation strategy of stores may be supported by accuratetraffic data and corresponding comparison
- information of all stores may be accessed anywhere easily via Internet.