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Traffic + Smart Business Solution
The Traffic + Smart Business Solution provided by VionTech is composed of people counting camera which counts traffic accurately and a traffic analysis system which counts queuing length and local traffic. The solution enables malls to better analyze historical data and better control current and future conditions based on accurate traffic data.
■ Total Traffic
The compact intelligent people counting camera may be provided at each access of the mall to collect mall-wide traffic data for:
- knowing changing trend, law, consequential comparison and other information for a period of time ranging from one minute to one year
- knowing influence of promotion, holiday, special weather and other factors on total traffic;
- Analyzing average stay time by obtaining total stay headcount based on number of people entering/exiting each access;
- 97.5% or higher accuracy.
■ Distribution of Traffic
The intelligentpeople counting camera may be provided at each inter-floor passage of the mall to collect inter-floor traffic data for:
- obtaining stay headcount of each floor level in conjunction with people entering/exiting each access and inter-floor passage;
- counting rule of change of traffic at accesses and passages within the day, as well as mutual influence;
- counting movement of traffic inside mall.
■ Non-closed Areas People Counting
The intelligent system may be provided at each floor level, atrium and other open spaces of the mall to count local traffic data for:
- counting current headcount and total traffic in non-closed areas;
- detecting queuing length and average queuing time;
- alarming when density of crowd reaches the presetting value.
■ Traffic Analysis
One or two cameras may be provided above the entrance of each store to count passerby and visitors.
- passerby can be split into passerby, interested people and visitor;
- conversion ratio and average sales per customer can be obtained in conjunction with POS;
- changing trend of traffic, rule, consequential comparison and other information for different periods of time may be analyzed.
■ Centralized Management of Stores under a Group
VionTech traffic management platform allows consolidated management of traffic by level and permission.
- traffic data of malls gathers at HQ-based server to provide change of traffic clearly;
- business distribution plan, marketing strategy, service improvement, and operation strategy of malls may be supported by accurate traffic data and corresponding comparison.
■ Typical Applications

■ Structure

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