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As central plazas, traffic hubs, shopping streets, KTV, cybercafé and other entertainment facilities play an increasingly important role in leisure and consumption, the dramatic increase of traffic, particularly during holidays imposes risks on regional security control whilst creating considerable economic benefits. As such people counting has been a key part of public security surveillance.
Traffic warning system solves unforeseen problems at heavy pedestrian traffic and crowded time and provides operators with accurate traffic information. This product is superior over previous products in that it forecasts accidental events in advance, estimates the maximum capacity of a public space, timely identifies hidden hazard in connection with traffic, helps administrators make decision in the first place and take appropriate measures at peak time to direct traffic and prevent accident.
■ Characteristics of Industrial Application
· detecting and tracking pedestrian of the zone and providing traffic information for a certain period of time;
· counting instantaneous traffic in a designated monitoredzone in connection with a particular sensitive area;
· providing warning information about density of traffic in zones of varied levels based on presetting alarm threshold for identifying major hidden hazard on a timely basis;
· easy setup of counting zone and direction;
· warning for sudden gathering of crowd, crowd spread, and border crossing to be provided to a video source in addition to basic people counting features.